'Botanical Bottled' (Dried Lavender)
'Botanical Bottled' (Dried Lavender)

'Botanical Bottled' (Dried Lavender)

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Life Preserved.

We've created a beautiful range of Herbaria selecting only the most interesting cuttings and, preserving them in a special blend of Herbarium Oil. 

Each bottle has been put together in house and is unique. The glass bottle has been specially selected for its quality and ability to magnify its contents. The shape of the bottle also helps to keep the cutting upright and, in the best position for viewing.

Large - Height - 18cm - Width - 5.5cm - 250ml

Medium - Height - 13.5cm - Width - 5.0cm - 150ml

Small - Height - 11cm - Width - 4.5cm - 100ml

The cutting inside should last for around 1 year or more. 

Do not drink the contents of these bottles, do not shake and keep out of direct sun.